Best Gifts for Homesteaders: Our Top 25 Picks

When choosing gifts for homesteaders, you actually have a lot of options. This list narrows down some of the best gift ideas that are practical and will be appreciated year-around.

People who have chosen a homesteading lifestyle usually are a little different than everyone else.

By everyone else, I mean, those in the “outside” world who typically aren’t into living off the land and self-sufficiency.

Of course, homesteading can mean different things to different people. Some are living completely off-grid like it’s 1851.

Others, like myself, have one foot firmly planted in both worlds. We appreciate the modern conveniences and use them gratefully, but seek to learn the “old ways” of life to preserve them and be ready to embrace them whenever necessary.

Others, still yet, are wading into the homesteading world slowly, unsure of their goals but realizing the value of the lifestyle overall.

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No matter what “type” of homesteader is on your gift list, you will usually find some common traits.

One thing for sure is that they understand the importance of practical items over the latest high-tech gadget or trend.

Gifts that homesteaders want are those that will further their skills, knowledge or help them reach their longer-term goals around the homestead, and in life in general.

They aren’t looking to accumulate lots of things, but the things they do have need to serve a purpose and maybe even make life a little easier than in 1851.

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25 Best Gifts for Homesteaders

If you’re trying to find the best gifts for homesteaders, (or even gifts for aspiring homesteaders) you’ve landed in the right place.

Below are several thoughtful ideas (at a wide range of price points), that nearly any homesteader would appreciate.

Zip Ties

Yes, I’m serious. There are about 8,000 uses for zip ties around any farm or homestead and you can never have too many- particularly the heavy-duty kind.

Rain Barrel

Collecting rainwater is a great way to conserve water and take the load off the well pump when you have a large garden.

Fruit Trees

It’s helpful to have some knowledge of the type of trees needed/wanted by your gift recipient, and what grows well in their planting zone.

Online nurseries like Stark Bros. allow you to search for trees that grow well in each zone.


A nice planter makes a cheery addition to a porch or deck. They can be used for flowers or even edibles like strawberries or herbs.

Compost Crank

This is a really cool tool that helps you to aerate your compost bin without using a shovel (which is hard to keep up with!)

Homestead and Survival Books

A variety that would make great gifts for newer homesteaders:

Bonus idea: a Subscription to Grit or Backwoods Home magazine.

Chicken Coop

For those getting started with keeping chickens, a quality chicken coop is a must.

Leather work gloves

My leather gloves always seem to get lost or become a favorite chew toy for the dogs as soon as I (heaven forbid) set them down. Always a thoughtful gift, as I can use a few extras!


These women’s Berne coveralls are highly rated and one of the most useful gifts for homesteaders ever, at least for those who experience colder winter temps.

Muck Boots

There is something indispensable about a good pair of muck boots that keep out the rain and keep your pantlegs clean(er) during chores.

Hot Hands

We like these especially during deer hunting season.

Thermal base layers

Base layers are another cold weather staple that makes the frigid temps a little more bearable while working outside.


You never know when you might need to fix something, help deliver an animal or who-knows-what in the dark. Having extra headlamps and/or flashlights are invaluable.

Cooling neck wraps

These actually serve several purposes, including face protection and shade.

I have found them helpful in the summer gardening season.

Meat Slicer

Many homesteaders like to create their own cold-cuts and slice roasts for sandwiches at home.

This slicer can also be used for things like big blocks of bulk cheese.

Cast Iron Cookware

Quality cast iron is simply a staple on the homestead for cooking indoors or out.

Grain Mill

A quality grain mill produces fine flours that can make more nutritious bread than anything you can buy in the store.

Fermentation Crock

Health-conscious homesteaders will love the benefits of a quality fermentation crock.

Marble Rolling Pin

A heavy duty rolling pin is essential for pie crusts and other baked goods.

Field Dressing Kit

This set is a good, basic staple for hunting, fishing and learning survival skills.

Water Filtration System

You can filter out most contaminants with a good water filtration system, which many homesteaders look to as part of their emergency preparedness plan.

The Sawyer mini filter is also great for camping or on-the-go.

Canning Supplies

Few gardeners can ever have enough canning lids (these are my favorite), and mason jars of all sizes.

I especially find the 1/2-gallon mason jars useful for my long-term food storage, making tea, etc.

Harvest apron

This handy apron holds a lot of eggs or veggies, hands-free. I used to use a 5-gallon bucket but I love this apron, personally.

Long-range Walkie Talkies

Communication is incredibly important in the event of an emergency, including weather events.

Solar Generator

This backup battery generator can power several appliances and recharges with solar panels or with electricity (when the power IS on).

Firewood Carrier

A nice waxed canvas firewood carrier makes hauling wood indoors a little easier.

Great Gifts for Homesteaders: Final tips

Most of the items on this list would make excellent homestead gift ideas.

However, it’s always good to find out what specifically would benefit your gift-recipient the most.

For instance, are they starting a new project such as beekeeping? Have they taken up sourdough breadmaking?

Knowing these details can help you to research tools they might want or need for that project.

When in doubt, gift cards are still great gifts for the homesteader. Think: hardware stores, farm/garden stores, Lehman’s, and seed catalogs.

Practical is the key, in any event, and just acknowledging the hard work and determination that has gone into the homestead venture is a gift in itself!

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