Where to Buy Wheat Berries for Bread Making (Best sources)

Making your own flour from home-ground wheat berries? Find out where to buy wheat berries in this list of the top reputable sources we’ve found.

When I started buying wheat berries to make fresh-milled flour, I was overwhelmed with the details. Maybe you know the feeling?

Making making good ol’ white sandwich bread for many years, I had taken for granted that I didn’t think too hard about where to buy flour. Any white flour usually did the trick.

But working with whole grains was a different ballgame. I didn’t know there were SO many types of grains, and that all these different types behaved differently in a bread recipe once milled into flour.

Jar of spelt berries with freshly milled flour and grains below and text "Where to find the best Grains for bread making"

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The List I Needed for Sourcing Reputable Grains

When it came to shopping for wheat berries, I just needed a simple guide to know what to buy to produce the basic bread and rolls I desired. I wasn’t ready for anything fancy in the beginning. Like most people, I started with hard white wheat and hard red wheat.

Wheat berries in a wooden bowl beside a wooden scoop filled with wheat berries.

In addition, I didn’t want to waste my money on a big bag of bulk grain that may or may not be from a reputable company. My goal was to get the best prices on quality wheat berries that were available in my local area, or that could be shipped to me.

After a lot of research and talking to friends with much more experience than I had, I was able to narrow down my list to the top places I would consider buying from. I spent a lot of time searching through Facebook groups, polled my friends and tried out different brands to find what I consider the best places to buy wheat berries online.

This compilation is the list I wish I had had when I first started milling whole grains! I hope you find it useful whether you are just getting started making your own flours, or even if you’re a pro who is just looking for better or cleaner grains.

Where to buy wheat berries online (or local)

First, if you have any Amish or Farm / Feed stores near you, check these first. You might find the best prices on wheat berries there.

A 50 pound bag of Prairie Gold Hard White Wheat berries in a pantry.

The drawback I’ve found in my area is there is typically only one brand available (Wheat Montana) and it’s not organic. If that’s important to you, you will find several organic options on this list.

Prices can vary greatly as markets fluctuate, so keep that in mind.

Some of these companies only ship in certain regions, and some offer local pickup AND shipping.

I recommend joining the mailing lists of the companies you’re interested in so you can take advantage of further discounts or promotions!

The brands listed below have been mentioned over and over by fellow bread enthusiasts, so they are making my “Top 13” List at this time.

Azure Standard Food Co-op (Drop locations nationwide + Online Orders)

Azure Standard is both an online AND a local source, technically. If your area has a “drop” setup, you can place an order online and pick up at your monthly drop location. Or, you can even become a drop coordinator and start a drop in your area if there is not one.

I’ve bought hard white wheat berries from Azure without any issues, but some customers report debris from time to time. This is probably due to sourcing from different suppliers, I would guess.

If you’re already an Azure customer, it’s worth trying as their grain prices are among the most competitive on this list. Azure does direct shipping as well, but you will get the best prices by picking up from a local drop location.

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Palouse Brand (Online and on Amazon)

You can find quality, dessicant-free wheat berries from Palouse Brand . They have a good reputation for clean grain. Although their price for pound may be higher than a few others I have researched, the free shipping on Amazon helps to offset that cost.

Bluebird grain farms (Winthrop, WA pickup + Online Orders)

Bluebird grain farms carries all organic grains, including organic spelt. (We LOVE spelt!)

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Pleasant Hill Grain (Online orders)

Several types of wheat berries are available at Pleasant Hill Grain, and they also offer ancient grains like Einkorn and Khorosan. You can get free shipping over $75 on most products.

Bread Beckers (Co-Op Drop Locations in Several States + Woodstock, GA Store + Online Orders)

A very popular choice, Bread Beckers is the company in Woodstock, Georgia that belongs to the famous Sue Becker (The Essential Home Ground Flour book).

If you’re not near the retail store, you can search for a drop” location near you. Or you can order a variety of grains from the online store. Their prices are pretty competitive especially considering many of their bulk sizes come in a 6 gallon bucket (no need to purchase additional food storage).

Janie’s Mill (Sold in several Midwest States + Online Orders)

Janie’s Mill carries all USDA-certified organic grains with free shipping over $100. Shipping is not available to all zip codes, but they do sell their grains at certain retail locations across Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and at a few other locations (check here).

Central Milling (Petaluma, CA and Logan, UT pickup + Online Orders)

Central Milling is another popular source for organic berries including Hard and Soft wheat berries, Spelt, Khorasan, Rye, and Durum.

Breadtopia (Fairfield, IA pickup + Online Orders)

Breadtopia offers a wide range of wheat berries as well as sprouted grains, rye, Einkorn and Durham berries for pasta-making.

Freshly made pasta on a floured surface.

Grand Teton Ancient Grains (Online Orders)

Ancient Grains offers free shipping on all pails of their organic grains to all 50 US states. This makes their pricing very competitive!

Barton Springs Mill (Texas locations + Online Orders)

You can find several interesting and lesser-known types of wheat berries online, mostly in smaller quantities (2 and 5 lb bags). Or if you are in Texas, find a location closest to you to shop Barton Springs Mill grains in person.

Grains from the Plains (Hugo, CO Pickup and Online orders)

While not being certified Organic yet, Grains from the Plains utilizes organic farming methods and keeps their costs low. You can choose shipping across Colorado here, or shipping across the U.S. (prices include shipping).

Great River Organic Milling (Online on Amazon)

I’ve heard good reviews of the organic grains from Great River which are conveniently sold on Amazon. You can shop all of their products here.

Liberty Grains (Online Orders)

You may be limited to Soft White wheat and Hard Red Wheat berries, but Liberty Grains offers them at amazing prices that include shipping. You can save 5% more by setting up a subscription, too.

A gallon jar of spelt grain with text "Best sources for wheat berries for making your own flours"

Storing Wheat Berries

Once you purchase wheat berries, you want to be sure to store them in a cool, dark place in an airtight container.

I like to keep a few gallon-size jars in the pantry or on the counter for my weekly bread baking. Then I refill those from food-safe 5-gallon buckets with gamma seal lids. These help to keep out bugs and will keep berries fresh and dry.

When stored properly, wheat berries have been known to last 30 years or even longer. This makes them an excellent food to store long-term.

More Grain sources?

If you have used other companies for wheat berries and had a positive experience, please let us know in the comments! We would love to keep this list updated as a comprehensive list of where to buy wheat berries (and other grains) for milling nutritious breads and beyond.

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